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In recent years the Father has given a public platform to some select men and women of integrity that He has been quietly grooming for this desperate season of the church.  Many of these servants are young but proven in both the secular and sacred.

Apostle Karen Bettis-Davis and Pastor DeWayne Davis, founders of Rehoboth Embassy Church are incredible examples of this process.  They – like Isaiah have been concealed in His hands like “select arrows” that He is now releasing to His body for such a time as this.  Apostle Karen and Pastor Dewayne are God’s choice for voicing to this new generation of Kingdom leaders. Their message is not only relevant but it is accompanied with a prophetic edge that makes it both visible and attainable.
In a time when the church culture is in a major shift from being an institution to becoming the Kingdom, we are in need of voices who understand not only the importance of making the shift but those willing to lead the advance. As the finest hour for the Kingdom of God dawns, strategic functioning in churches is now more crucial than ever before.  These two have been given divine strategy and wisdom not only for themselves but for the Body of Christ as a whole.  God is pouring fresh wine out and these two have been properly handled by God.

At this precipice, Apostle Karen brings to the Body of Christ a prolific mind able to analyze and refine structure; an ability to wage skillful spiritual warfare; and a gift that will reveal the destiny of every church. God has used her to birth THE EXHANGE, a fellowship for women to come and be encouraged, empowered, and educated.  She considers it to be an Ephesians 4 moment because churches are sending their women’s ministry to be a part. Pastor Dewayne has the heart of a worshipper and taps into the river of God and ministers to His presence taking others along for the experience.  He is also the father of the house and personally ministers to the needs of the young children of Rehoboth.  Ministry begins at home for this power couple.  They have two treasured sons; Krystopher and Kealey.  These two are a source of great joy for them and they are most proud of their son’s tenderness towards the things of God.

God loves this city and because of this our leadership is engaged.   They are socially and politically engaged and very active in the affairs both in their community and the State of Virginia. Apostle Karen holds seats on several boards that facilitate community healing.  Pastor Dewayne coaches with a championship organization and is instrumental is raising accomplished young boys to become stellar men and fathers. They have a governmental anointing that God has used to render justice at both the local and state levels. They are Watchmen with The Family Research Council and have been honored to pray for and with Senators and Congressman laboring in Washington DC.  They are engaging this generation to be the solution for their schools, community, and the world at large.  Apostle Karen has served as a Director of FREA (Fredericksburg/Rappahannock Evangelical Alliance); an alliance of pastors who come together to see the Glory of God manifest in our region.  Their greatest desire is to see God move in every person, every home, every church, and every city


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